Dogs over Blogs

This was the ultimate summer day (almost). Got up super early and got to the park early enough to keep Rocky out for almost an hour. I threw the ball to Trix on her long lead while he played with/destroyed his squeaky ball and rolled in the grass. It was really early. I thought I saw a flea last night, so by the time I took the dogs out at 6:40 I had already stripped all the linens and covers from the couch, bed and pillows and had them washing in hot water. Then I powdered, vacuumed and sprayed the furniture and rugs before heading out. The cats and dogs were both sprayed down too, with the apple cider vinegar/lemon/water mix to keep those little suckers away.

Then we came home, did more laundry and ate breakfast. Got an 1.5 hours of work done before Laura (and her puppy Lila and Kevin’s boy Shaggy and Kendra, Andrew and Mabel) picked us up at 10. We went to the Wissahickon and Trixie ran into the water and started swimming like it was a regular thing. It was so cute! Her first time in water deep enough and she was like an adorable little fishy, fetching and going from person to person like a champion swimmer. And then trying to escape downstream of course. But she had her 50 foot lead on, so nice try. But it proved the point of that lead. It was like she never looked at me, she was totally overstimulated and not listening at all. Then after like an hour and a half I got out to put some sunscreen on and give her a break. We were talking for a little. The people and I! Not Trixie. I would never admit how much I talk to her like it’s a 2 way thing. (She never interrupts!)

Then when I went to take her back in, I borrowed her new friend Mabel’s(2nd pic) ball so I was being careful. So I threw it like halfway and Trixie started crying at the edge of the water. Suddenly she was too scared to come in to any people or the ball. Of course then I had to get the ball, chest deep in the Wissahickon. Evs. I don’t know if she was tired or her feet hurt of what, but it was like she all of a sudden thinking about the mystery of the water and she had rushed in before. I really can’t keep trying to know her thought processes, it’s disturbing. So when we stopped at Pearle on Walnut on the way home, I looked at myself while I waited for my contacts. Soaking wet and covered in sand, dressed like I just came from the beach at Rittenhouse. It’s like on All My Children and One Life To Live, set in the immediate Philly burbs- would suddenly be at the beach in 5 seconds. That is probably where everyone thought I was coming from as I ran through the crowd in wet clothes and flip flops. Ridiculous. Wish I had gone to the secret soap opera beach, I bet EVERYONE was there since both of those shows were canceled. That would have been amazing. Me and Greens and Kendall and Binks. And Leo and Zach and Erica Krystal and Babe and Cara and the Martins. Oh- and Vicki and Jessica and Dorian. And Blair and Sam. You know. Them.

We got home, walked Rock then washed me and Trix and fed all of our starving asses. Then I finished some more laundry and came to the computer to work more. Woke up at 5:30. Good times. Seriously, what a day. Hope everyone else kicked off their 4th of July week in a great way (sin FLEAS) and stayed cool. Or gold, Ponyboy. xoxo k

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