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This Is Funny, You Should Watch It of the Day: Even the Canadian police spokesman can’t keep a straight face re: the BBQ Chip Bandits:

It appears that the effervescent chip package in the open garage just appeared too yummy to pass up for two intoxicated young ladies. … Apparently the chips had been accessed, and there had been some illicit chip tastings.

These are first-time chip offenders.


Okay, this is funny all around. But the local news team’s improvised reenactment of a supposed trail of chips and a disembodied arm eating their deliciousness is the very best thing.  And then the message/moral isn’t about these girls facing B&E felony charges for $2 worth of chips. Nope- it isn’t don’t keep your garage open and accessible in plain sight with all the local drunkies out. Wait- it’s about dieting and not indulging in such crap or binge drinking? NUH UH. Okay, walking on those narrow streets late at night drunked out of your gourd? Still wrong.

TWIST!!!! It’s about keeping a home phone in your bedroom for 911 GPS purposes because the victimized homeowner had to “tiptoe” to another room to get her phone. Yeah. Cause she was in so much danger from the lushes on the street indulging in her chips!!! CLOSE ONE!!!! Dumbass=it should be about not leaving delicious limited edition chips in plain sight. Or just taking the delectable loss because you are stupid in the head and your hair is weird Plus- chihuahua and beware of dog sign.  Oh Canada. Sometimes you go so Florida.

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    Canadians do have a sense of humor…
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    Chips are a hellofa drug.
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    CHAIRS. your country has the best crimes ahhaha
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    These are first-time chip offenders.
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