Dogs over Blogs

Sweet. Best thing about this story (besides the obvious cute little girl, great mom, resilient dog) is that I know so many people who would not think twice about doing the same (and already have). Pretty great people.

The park was a little weird this morning….

Not like anything seems normal when it is pitch black out at 6 a.m. (to me anyway). We were in the park by like 6:15 and of course it was empty otherwise because it was raining and windy. So, this person comes into the first gate (it’s a big double gate entrance) and just stood right at the gate, totally not saying anything or looking at me, just staring at Rocky.

I was waiting for her to say something, but she only spoke to him and very low, but pretty constant. She came in slowly and kind of awkwardly pet him. I kept looking to make eye contact and say hi, nothing. I eventually said morning! in my usually overly exuberant a.m. voice. (It’s this weird thing -I used to force myself to do because otherwise I looked so miserable in the pre-noon hours. Now that I am a morning person of some sort, it just sticks, but I always cringe at myself when I do it).

No response. She got a little closer, but still like facing away, so AWKWARD. I tried to ask a couple different things, like how are you, what are you upto (in the dog park with no dog in the rain, you know? WTF?- was implied). She didn’t respond but finally just said he is so cute. She and Rocky were kind of taking turns following each other around. Strangely enough, normalcy cop Trixie cared only for her ball. She watched her, but didn’t go near her or stop balling.

The girl (probably like late 20s-ish?) finally said, “I just like to see the dogs. I miss my mom and her cats.” I said something, not sure what, something about Rocky. She was really not there or listening to me at all. I felt bad for her and just let her be, kind of? I was a little scared she would get stabby or something. She stayed for like 10 more minutes of total weirdness. Then left and went to the other side where one woman and dog had come. Then they all left and she walked quickly and purposefully through the park a couple times, like among the people going to work and running like she was one of them (but clearly was not).

A half hour later she came back and she and Rocky did their little dance. She talked in this low voice the whole time, like she was on the phone and telling a story. But she was talking to Rocky and there was no phone. I was kind of glad he was there for her. Like something brought her to the dog park in the rain, fully dressed for the day. Whether she had no place to go, or had a place she couldn’t bear, I don’t know. It made me feel bad about feeling bad for myself. Though I am having a pretty shitty month or three. I tried to get her before she left both times to see if she needed help getting somewhere, but she was totally unresponsive like she didn’t hear me and kept going. But I am pretty sure she did hear me. No stabby time, so I guess we are fine. Maybe I just needed to see someone more lost than I am? Who needed Rocky in that moment like I always need him? So I would know how lucky I am? I do not know.  He is the best, just a reminder….

LOL. This is the face Trix gives when Bobby tries to cuddle with her. He never gets as far as this kitty before she runs away in fear. And he takes up her whole spot…

LOL. This is the face Trix gives when Bobby tries to cuddle with her. He never gets as far as this kitty before she runs away in fear. And he takes up her whole spot…


Video of Tokyo’s Famous White Otter Pup, Haku

Thanks, kashiwaya920! Some background on Haku from IBTimes/Reuters:

The Sunshine City aquarium atop a high-rise building in downtown Tokyo has a new star in four-month-old river otter Haku. Greeting visitors either on a leash or from a bag, the 3 lb “Haku”, whose name itself means white, is distinctly white even at her current age. While river otters are born with white fur, by the time they’ve reached Haku’s age nearly all have turned into the normal black. For visitors, Haku’s appeal is instant as handlers walk her around the park. Others said the chance to see a river otter, and especially a rarer white otter up so close, was a rare opportunity. The aquarium has seven river otters, including Haku, and while she isn’t yet old enough to be put on display normally with the rest of the adult otters, she’s busy entertaining visitors on her daily walks.

OMG. If I ever wanted to walk around with an otter….Wait, I always wanted to do that, but this gal is unreal. And rainy today, how awesome would it be to walk around with a baby otter?! Seriously. All I got is a couple monster dogs (compared to this munchkin); annoying cats (one is sitting on my arm while I work and type) and the rat that would not go away on this morning’s walk. This big ass rat had a whole block to leave. If it wasn’t cold and raining with my 14 yo already tired, I would have run the other way. Little fucker just sat in these people’s (YIKES!) doorway and watched us, after running back and forth across the street in front of us like 10 times. Every time I thought he was gone=NOPE!!! Literal rat bastard. Awesome way to start a rainy/snowy/dark and miserable day. So gross. Back to this little otter. Cutest.

How easy it is to pick safe treats for your pets….

A guy stopped me in the food store today to ask me about cat treats. So weird, right? My outfit was totally devoid of pet hair and I wasn’t in my cat sweater or dog shirts (I had just changed out of one of those, in reality :). Anyway, he asked me what treats cats like. My cats don’t like anything. I showed him what they had that was among the more popular.

He started talking about the chicken jerky he was getting his dogs. Obviously, I wasn’t letting that go, and he approached me as a stranger out of the blue. So I had to tell him: how easy it is to get safe treats.

1. Look at where they are made. The print might be little, but the risk is huge. Oh. Made in USA, sweet. It might be small, but it is always there. If it says China, proceed to next treats, it is not worth the gamble. A few cents saved isn’t going to be really comforting when you are in the emergency room or much much worse. Ever pay for ashes? It’s not cheap. And it is heartbreaking.

See? It’s in the right hand corner with a handy flag.

2. Then check the ingredients. There should be no corn, wheat or soy and as few ingredients as possible. All things you can immediately understand.

Look! That one has both in one place. Made in Minnesota, with all kinds of good stuff. We are on low protein for the dogs, treatwise, so these are perfect. These are Good Dog blueberry cobbler treats by Sojos.

The others are Sweet potato flavor and my dogs love Buddy Biscuits. Let’s see those ingredients:

See how easy that was? They don’t cost an arm and a leg or I would be typing with my face right now. If that is too much responsibility, find a local pet shop (like The Philly Pack Pet Shop here in my neighborhood) where you trust the owners to have the stuff that not only won’t kill your pet, but that your pups and kits will love and be even healthier for….Or just buy online from a brand you like and trust and has these two tiny requirements….

Oh, here is the front of the good dog treats, they are tiny bones, so great for training and walking without adding tons of calories, etc.

This is not what I think anyone would call extra effort. Especially when it’s their lives and health. For me, it’s piece of mind. And I really love bringing treats home, so it’s that too. Plus, cutest boxes! But obviously, that is not the point….

Trixie has a new friend. See?

She loves this super little guy. He’s about one and so little. But a serious badass. i tried like ten times to get pictures, this should show you both how much fun he is and what most of the pics looked like.

He even gets Rocky on the run. So cool, he is long like a doxy but has a cute little head and soft medium length fur. There is no telling what he is made of, besides a lot of spunk (sorry) and some big ones. He owns Trixie, who has to be like 4 times his weight and size.

Then like today jerky guy with poodle comes in and starts getting rid of all the branches/awesome sticks. He almost had a heart attack when trix tried to catch one of them. I don’t like to leave for dicks like that on principle, but confrontation before 7 am is really not great for me. Also, I have told him off a couple times til he had no words left. And he seriously deserves dirty paws on his stupid morning khakis and blazer. WTF? I hate him. Pretty sure that’s why Trix is a dick right back to him and his dog. . See? Morning hate leads nowhere good….

Not usually one for sappy videos, but this one? So much adorable. Oh, and the kids too. From The Unexpected Pit Bull. I think it’s one thing where people with prejudices really miss out. My dog is her very best self with kids, it’s a pretty insane transformation. Calm, amazingly tolerant and just so gentle and sweet. (She’s always sweet, just not always so gentle with her excitable nature :) ) Many, many people with pit bulls and mixes, etc. have told me the same thing about their own blockheaded muttley.


Pit Bull Puppy Snoring Laying on his back (by Bill Griffith)

Looks very familiar and very much like someone I know….

Top 5 signs/evidence I suck at dog training. And lots else.

1. The thing I say most to my insane maniac dog while walking is “Don’t be a dick.” (coming in 2nd, after she is, in fact, the aforementioned dick- “Are you on drugs?”) Brilliant.

2. Last night this dog I never saw before was stalking Trixie and she was PISSED. I switched her to the outside and explained to this total stranger in a helpful almost apologetic (hard for me) way that my dog was a hypocrite. I must have sounded like a real expert dog behavioristical type person using such fancy dog related terminology. (it was weird, the lady looked scared of her own dog and mine and her dog was crazy fat, which is also weird around here..thank god i acted so normally with calming words to put her at ease)

3. Today I told her that she might want to try being good one day because she just might like it and people will pet her more. It is logical. I am sure she totally got it, right?

4. I like to put stuff on her because it helps her to act more like a lady. And because I like not carrying stuff and people laughing when they see her. Seriously. I am a bringer of joy to the neighborhood. She gets way more attention when she is all backpacked up. Hopefully they don’t notice her eyes pleading for help.

5. I reward her as much for acting funny as I do for behaving like the a lady. Because let’s be real. I appreciate those in my life who are funny the most (kidding. mean it.) and if I waited to reward her for the rare ladylike occasion, poor girl would be skin and bones.