Dogs over Blogs
Today, you will have the soul of a child, KAT! You will be filled by emotions. You will be highly sensitive and somewhat nervous. But don’t be confused. These feelings are far from being a sign of sentimentality. On the contrary, express your feelings. They will enable you to find all the information you need especially concerning your emancipation!
Screw you stars. I haven’t had the soul of a child since, ever. So yes, I will express my dummy childish feelings? No, this is very stupid of you. It’s like you don’t even know me. Great, now I am getting somewhat nervous.
You are likely to spend time gathering information through modern technology, and you could find yourself staring at a computer, surfing the Internet, or reading faxes or e-mails from colleagues.
WHAT A REVELATION, HOROSCOPERS!!! This is insane. The stars are in my brain, living my life. How else could they have predicted this???
A friend might have some tips regarding money that you shouldn’t follow. This is not the day to believe everything you hear, KAT, for there’s likely to be a lot of misinformation floating around. Though most of it involves confusion and misunderstandings, you could at one point experience outright lies and dishonesty. If you meet someone today whom you get bad vibes from and thus don’t feel you can trust, believe in your instincts.
So, everybody shut up. You are lying to me. I totally knew it. OUTRIGHT lies! Dishonesty! So, you all suck as much as I thought. Way to go. I like being right and all, but this is depressing. If someone erroneously tells me I got a new job/career, you are dead. Literally. My vibes are dead on.
Something that you feel you need to accomplish career wise could be driving you in a big way today, KAT. Both your ambition and your willingness to put in a lot of hours doing tedious, mundane work are operating at a high level, and therefore you could well accomplish wonders toward reaching your goal. The only downside is that you might push yourself too hard. Get help if you can. You’ll want to feel just as motivated tomorrow.
Okay! Well this is something. I definitely could use some wonders accomplished. So many half things going on. One being a wonder would be amazing. And then I could sleep a whole night. I do not believe I can push too hard. Unless you mean my toes. One snapped under the pressure last night.
Your naturally intuitive nature is enhanced by today’s astral energy, helping you to in to the unspoken wants and needs of your entourage. They are astonished as you verbalize their thoughts before they even say a word. Clearly, you are not an ordinary woman! This psychic ability of yours is so strong that it works on everyone. It could be an interesting day, wouldn’t you say?
I bet this is about me reading my dogs’ minds. Because otherwise I am feeling pretty brain and body dead so far….I do agree with not an ordinary woman part, obvs. I do not feel this to be an interesting day without some sort of outside influence.
You will benefit quite a bit from the unexpected communication that is coming your way, KAT. There is no way you can prepare for what others are going to say to you, so don’t even try. You may feel as if you are entering a debate and you have your arguments all planned out. At the same time you are anticipating what the opposition is going to say so that you can be ready for a rebuttal. Despite this, you will still be thrown off guard.
Holy crap this makes me want to hibernate more than usual. I am going to avoid communication except for texts, twitter, tumblr, email and facebook. Like almost total isolation. I do not want to be thrown off guard! It doesn’t sound like I am going to benefit except maybe from the panic burning some extra calories? Scary stars, scary.
Prepare to feel some grief today, KAT, as you mourn the loss of a close friend. No, this person has not died, but he or she has moved away or moved on in some way. Perhaps this was a colleague with whom you’d shared a desk for years and has now taken a job elsewhere. Or perhaps someone moved to the other side of the world. You know he or she will always be your friend, but daily chats over coffee are now out of the question. The loss is incalculable.
Jesus Christ horoscope! Way to go for the drama. Either way, screw you. Maybe YOU are the one I am nixing. The loss is incalculable? Maybe sometimes keep stuff like this to your own stupid self. Really. It’s my birthday month for fuck’s sake.
This is a good day to stay close to home, KAT. Short-distance travel could result in delays due to traffic jams or construction, or both; long journeys might bring delays in taking off, horrendous lines at the ticket counter, or misplaced luggage. There’s also a chance that when you arrive at your destination, no one will be there to meet you! Wait a few days before going anywhere. If you must run errands nearby, walk!

Now, probably the stars just saw the forecast, but it kind of really freaks me out/is a relief that it tells me TWICE not to go out. So, my friends in the heavens are encouraging my basic urge to not go outside on a daily basis. Today, I also have snow/freezing rain, DOUBLE reinforcement. Please send someone to walk the dogs. Thanks!! I will be here, waiting DAYS before I go outside again.

Did I tell you the story about trying to take a picture of the full moon? No? it sucks. I did think it was cool that I was seeing it (Sun at 6:30 am) less than one hour after it happened (5:38). And then I was all, it’s freezing, I’ll wait til the dogs are off the leashes in the park before I try and get a picture. It was so amazing, so close to the ground and so big. Got to the park, stood on everything on both sides and the stupid blow up dome on Penn’s fields blocked me at every angle. Overprivileged Penn fuckers ruin everything! Kidding, but that blow up field is super annoying to look at. By the time I left is was light out. Balls. Only 4 weeks til my next chance….STAYING INSIDE. PEACE. xoxo k

Have you been trying to get some creative work published? If so, KAT, you might make some inroads into attaining that goal now, possibly submitting to a commercial publisher, a private newsletter, or a Web site. The only problem might be that you need to focus on only one or two possibilities. If you try too many, you could be scattering your energies and wasting your time. Try a couple now, then work on the rest another day.

Hahahaha. Oh Stars, you really get me. I bet they just rotate this one around to everyone ever on the internet. Would probably be a safe bet for anyone with a Tumblr, right?

The funny part is, I was thinking at 9 o’clock about how much I already did today. I was at the dog park by 6:35 and out for an hour total, came home, cleaned and medicated paws, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed and did the boxes, made a week’s worth of oatmeal for the mutts, did a 30 minute kickboxing workout, made everyone breakfast, part of lunch and showered and cut my hair.

But with how the last couple days have been, it might be that working like this, always at breakneck speed, is kind of happening. There are a couple things coming together at once that could be really, I don’t know, just awesome, I guess. Any one of them reaching fruition would kick ass, but if it all happens like it is, I will finally feel like the constant go and being always on will be worth it. I got way ahead of myself thinking about it, and I won’t go that far here. But today, i will take this horoscope and get back to work.

A comment or joke that you might find funny is apt to make someone very uncomfortable today, KAT. Hold your tongue when you find that you are on the verge of shooting off some sort of potentially offensive remark. People are feeling extra sensitive, and they will most certainly not appreciate blatant rudeness, even if your intention is just to add some humor to the situation. Say something nice, or don’t say anything at all.

Think I should just stay inside today. Probably the only way to avoid some sort of discomfort/blatant rudeness. Especially with all the jackasses oversalting their shit and hurting everyone’s paws.I was outside at some time around midnight in a pajama/boots/jacket hybrid to stop the dude shoveling from putting salt on the whole little stretch outside my house. I am not sure I was even awake. And I am totally not sure that when he went and got other salt from the truck that it was not the same stuff to shut me up. I did offer to buy the dog friendly salt or make up the difference between it and the reg. Again. Not sure if I even meant it. 

And even this comment has to stop now. I was going to say why and who I shouldn’t talk to, but that kind of defeats the purpose. Why so sensitive, girl? I have to say nothing at all….