Dogs over Blogs
Some do drugs, others go out for a run, but at the end we’re all just searching for that tiny space, perhaps a hole, that gives us shelter from the terrible reality of the world.

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So true right now. It is pretty terrible.

Norm MacDonald’s theory about the end of Breaking Bad makes so much sense.

Check out his theory on Twitter. So much of the finale came together so quickly and seamlessly, for someone dying and having trouble standing at times. E.G.,the cops in the beginning just disappearing, the keys, that car getting out of that much snow and across the country, Badger appearing out of nowhere, the machine gun (not chemistry), getting by the cops at Skyler’s when they knew he was coming. Then getting by them again at the Nazis’. Mind=blown.  He died in the car….I am onboard with this. 


Homeland 3x01 - Peter Quinn

"More importantly, what is Quinn doing? Just sitting around naked and sweaty, making an IED in some basement somewhere. How come? Who the fuck cares? Reread that sentence and tell me why any more information is required than that. Naked Quinn, building bombs and sweatin’ up a storm. Done.” — Jacob Clifton on the Homeland premiere

Quinn distracts me from the whatever else was happening. And now he is out in the field? With no shirt??? ON A MOTORCYCLE? KILLING PEOPLE ALL ASSASSINY?!   I don’t want him to die ever, but I will have a hard time keeping up with why Carrie is freaking out, why I wish Dana was dead, why Saul is being a dick and all those crazy name dudes in terroristy activities.







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So is Beyonce black or white?
Beyonce is gold.

How important is money?
Wealth is important. Money is just paper.

What do you think of Sheryl Sandberg and her ‘Lean In’ book?
I think it’s the literary equivalent of vanilla scented hand sanitizer, but hey, kudos to Sheryl for squeezing…

Lots of great tips this round…

Dress suitably in short skirts and strong boots, leave your jewels in the bank, and buy a revolver.

Countess Markievicz, 19th century Irish revolutionary, dispensing eternally relevant fashion advice (via littlemissmoss)