Dogs over Blogs

People suck. I mean come on. We were just at the park and Trixie was doing her thing. A little 10 week old shar pei was humping her leg and she was rolling playing with him. Then her 100 pound Golden puppy came and was laying on top of her on her back. Rocky was laying in the distance with his squeaky ball, protecting it from interlopers and puppies alike. This little fireplug lady came in with a nice young couple and a cute mixy brindle puppy (maybe pitty type mix) with huge ears. It looked like, and we found out was, a meet with potential adopters. So, everyone is talking and I asked where she was from. The little squat lady said she flew her up from GA with Pilots and Paws (awesome group) and I asked her through what rescue. She said her own, which I never heard of, which is weird. Trixie said hi to her, semi-politely. She then asked where I got Trix and I said animal control. She was like, of course, I assumed. (Annoying, but not offensive) I give people from older generations a little leeway because they grew up with dogs called mutts and lab mixes and can be wary of the whole pit bull thing. It’s not acceptable, but I leave it alone (some). And then, she is watching the little puppy trying to chew on Trixie and hump her. Trixie would eventually push him off with her nose. Then the little fat troll was like, you have to be careful with her. She won’t always be that tolerant. I was patient, like, she is fine, she is good with all kinds of dogs, super socialized and appropriate. The lady wouldn’t let go, just kept making comments about how she has experience with “that type” of dog and she knows Trixie is going to change. I kept shutting her down and was like- you don’t know my dog, not her present or her past and she will be just fine, and even great. She finally let it go and walked away. But I hate her. Just had to say it. I hate her kind. The kind who pretend to be such great rescuers and love animals but still endorse the kind of bigoted preferences that lead to so many good dogs dying. Also, no one gets to talk shit about my dogs, ever. Much less when they are being super awesomely behaved and perfectly polite. Bigoted and selective animal lovers do not sit well with me. ALSO AGAIN- she was saying this in front of people she is trying to get to adopt a puppy that she can’t guarantee A. is always going to be sweet AND B. is also maybe pit mix as well, as much as, if not more than Trixie.

Just venting, back to your regular Thursday night programming. I just want people to treat dogs like dogs and get to know them as individuals. Just like people, it comes from the same kind of ignorant place as racism and all kinds of prejudices. And it sucks.