Dogs over Blogs

I have this weird serious feeling that is kind of nagging. Nothing specific. It’s like something ended and I should be thinking about it. Okay-I don’t remember what movie it’s from (I kind of do), but the one guy is explaining to the other guy the stages of emotion from a breakup or loss (neither of which I have had in years). Like you are sad and it hurts and it gradually fades away and then one day you realize what you miss is the pain, or the reason it gave you to act a certain way. So I am not sad by a long shot, having a great day and week, but every once in a while I feel kind of pensive or reflective like I am supposed to be thinking about or missing something. Hope it’s not anything important I guess?

Pretty sure that doesn’t make much sense. Not to me either. But Radiohead seems like a good soundtrack for pointless weirdness, no?