Dogs over Blogs

My first attempt at homemade veg burgers. Also, my first use of my chopper, finally. Pretty much looks the same as food processed, right? So, sweet. They were baked according to the recipe. It was a video recipe, here. I didn’t have all of the ingredients, like green pepper, which I am not a huge fan of anyway.

So, I added celery (texture) and carrots (no reason) and out of hot sauce I added a little Worcestershire for moisturizer. I didn’t taste the chili powder at all, so I would add more next time. I put chopped roma tomatoes and (not) mozzarella and then broiled it. It was good. No carbs, so cool, etc. (besides the bread crumbs, which only wind up being like 1/8 per burger, so fuck it.) And I haven’t missed a workout in weeks, so screw you carb nazis!

Anyway, for a first outing it was pretty good and will definitely grill next time. And I still have 3 more nights of them.


I think this every time I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC and Mika Brzezinski jumps on her fitness/diet high horse. It’s infuriating. I’ve seen Mika Brzezinski on the news for decades. To the best of my knowledge she’s always been blonde, fit and beautiful. I can’t deal with someone…

I don’t totally agree with this, but I know to some extent it’s true for me as well. Like the other day my landlord looked like I was emaciated (not even close!) and asked if I was sick. I totally took it as a compliment. Not the sick part, but the emaciated. The lifelong desire to be normal and skinny is painful so it’s still satisfying to the 16 year old in my head. And all those mean skinny bitches along the way can suck it. In reality, I am very healthy and not skinny but it feels good to have those old demons be satisfied. But now I would much rather be strong.

But it’s also why I look down on/get frustrated with people who don’t fight hard enough. Just don’t give up, figure it out. Work harder. Fight harder. It’s why I ended up starting distance running last year. I knew it had to be something huge to change me, that I had to push myself and now I am not only pretty happy physically (comparatively) I am so much happier mentally knowing I can kick ass and I kicked my own to get here.