Dogs over Blogs
Pretty sure I nearly died a couple times getting through 3 miles today.

I still evidently wasn’t ready to really workout physically. After weeks off for my ankle and a stomach thing that took way too long, I seriously saw stars a couple times and had insane cramping. I am still very dehydrated and it was bad news. Add that to storms above and 80 degrees and humid at 8 am and I seriously felt like I was going to just collapse. Which is totally possible. My ankle held really strong so that was awesome. Maybe I was just so focused on not collapsing that I didn’t notice? Same story on pushups. It was like my body was so heavy even though I lost a bunch weight. My landlord said I looked emaciated. My high school self totally took that as a compliment. Planks were more like deadwood.

Anyway, I still powered through more than many people do in a week. (I’m self-soothing, so suck it). But being out there was still awesome. I know. That is totally weird and conflicting but just being on the road with music and the beast was so reassuring after what have been a rough couple weeks for me in a bunch of ways. Hopefully now I can get some sleep back and just drink shit tons of water so I can stay back out and rebuild my badassness. (At running!! The rest is in tact, just resting). Hoping also that it will get me some sleep because I am running on very little with disturbing as shit dreams. I am so drained I just got way too excited about a can of peas having a poptop. Can openers are hard work y’all.

But lots of super events coming up, especially excited for my 26.2 mile relay with Team Monster Miler at the end of the month. We have a full team and our shirts are kickass and it is going to be so much fun and a HUGE party at the end. It’s a lot of girls and it just seems like it will be a blast and comforting and reassuring in a time of semi-need.

Still haven’t decided what my next big fall event is, but I am giving it til the end of the month. OHHHHH!!!! My friend asked me to go SHOOTING with her next time she is in Philly. That sounds amazing to me. I hope someone lets me borrow their AK. I have always wanted to shoot a gun. No clue what that says about me but DANGER people. Bitch’s gonna be packing. And I’ve been listening to old school gangsta rap so I am going to rock that motherfucker. Pop pop pop. Rollin in my 6-4. 




The Strokes & Jarvis Cocker - “Just What I Needed (Live at Reading).”

When I was a film major I would have called this “homoerotic.”  Now I just call it “awesome.”

Ahhhh! So many fucks!

Sickness. Sometimes I forget how many amazing things happen live at Reading. Then I remember like whoa yeah. So much good music on tumblr today. The world is intent on me having no-worky-music-monday. And I have to say I am way too down with it.